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From small gestures to well-being at work and community work days.

After all, well-being at work is very simple. It is about taking people into account and creating a positive environment. A small benefit offered by a company can increase a person’s well-being and job satisfaction. On the other hand, a different work day that takes people into account as individuals and as part of a community group can increase the internal motivation of individuals when they go to work. At the same time, there will be a given time and space for the imagination, which is a prerequisite for development and thus for development. Well-being at work should be built together with the company’s staff. We are happy to be involved in this design work.

Here are some examples of what occupational well-being packages can consist of:

The company works out together -card

Some like training alone and others get strength as well as moments of friends when they train together. A company card is a gym card that is freely available to company staff and is valid for 12 months at a time. Together with the company, card models suitable for the number of gym users are tailored. Prices from 1 person 275 € / year (VAT 0%). Together with the staff, we consider what kind of common goal is set for the year, for example in the number of visits or the number of kilos moved. On a multi-level target scale, a company offers its employees small or larger bonuses.

Company Small Group Practices and Small Group Training

The challenge in exercising is to find the right and meaningful way to exercise. Some play sports every day and others move from time to time. What is certain is that even a small amount of exercise is beneficial and, on the other hand, a well-planned exercise will make you get even more out of exercise. In Small group practices, the company’s personnel are divided into groups according to their own exercise habits and goals. With these groups, an annual training package is planned and implemented, consisting of training programs, monthly guided coaching sessions and possible additional exercises. Additional exercises can be, for example, running technique or orienteering, if the small group aims at, for example, Jukola’s message or Likkoja’s run. Additional exercises are almost successful in any sport. The one-year internship for one group (3 to 5 people) includes personal programs and 12 training sessions. The price for one group is 1200 €, VAT 0%. In addition to this, the company can, if necessary, acquire the required number of Workout Together cards. Any additional exercises will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Those who train more and purposefully can choose Small Group Training. In this option, the group trains together three times a week under the guidance of a coach, and in addition, each is given a personal program that is updated as development progresses. Together, training under the eyes of a professional is motivating, goal-oriented and of high quality. Small groups consist of training groups of 4 to 8 people, pricing is either personal (€ 145 / month) or group-specific (€ 870 / month, VAT 0%). Prices include coaching, programs and a monthly card for the EdenGym gym.

Good day for the company

From time to time, it is a good idea to move the workday out of your own environment and show staff that they are important. Such days consist in part of work, as even in a short period of time, a company’s most important resource can develop functions if only this process is well managed. A relaxed and liberated mind finds it easier to find new things. On the other hand, there is a program in the days where you can find meaningful things to do and get together for everyone. Nokia Eden and its surroundings offer a wide range of opportunities for this through exercise, spa, restaurants, conference facilities and waterways. The program is built together with the company, and here, too, the imagination is just a limit – you can fly in the water or go on a cruise to Pyhäjärvi, or even practice kayaking or take an angling race. On dry land, you can work out in the most varied ways, from handle balls to frisbee golf and orienteering. On the other hand, both culinary and cultural delights are possible on the premises and the day can only be spent for a small core group or even for several hundred people. The company’s Good Day is an entity implemented on a turnkey basis from the beginning to the end, utilizing the entire welfare capacity of Eden. The content of the days and thus the pricing is case-specific.

NOTE! We cooperate with Scandic Eden Nokia and Travel Agency Saarikoski. They enable us to offer low-cost packages for groups from further afield.

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