Personal Training and Coaching

Our professional coaches support both the novice mover and the strongly committed athlete.

First-time beginners may need instruction in gym use and safe performance techniques. On the other hand, those who have been involved for a longer period of time may also need to review and develop their own technology.

Internship programming benefits everyone. With the help of programming, training becomes meaningful and developmental. The programs are updated as they evolve. In addition to programming, it is worth monitoring your own development and load and recovery regularly.

Technical guide (for beginners) 25 € / time. The first control is free for those who have bought a 12-month card.
Technique lesson (beginner / long-term practitioner) 50 € / h, one hour can be attended by 1-3 people, 100 € / 3 times, 150 € / 5 times

Personal Training coaching programs

Initial interview, exercise program and coaching

1 time, 80 €
3 times, 180 €
DUO 1 time, 100 € (2 people can participate in DUO class)
DUO 3 times, 250 € (2 people can participate in DUO class)

Personal Training Wellness Program

Initial interview, nutrition and exercise program, Tanita body composition measurement and coaching

5 times, 280 €
10 times, 500 €
DUO 5 times, 330 € (2 people can participate in DUO class)
DUO 10 times, 600 € (2 people can participate in DUO class)

Nutrition coaching: includes an interview, nutrition analysis with a food diary, and a personal diet example.

1 time, 100 €

Annual coaching for fitness competitors. If you are interested in competing in fitness, we also offer competition-oriented coaching packages as well as a team on whose behalf you have the opportunity to compete. Kim Keskimäki is responsible for coaching the competitors and the operations of Team HEI. 040 580 2897

NOTE! See also Small Group Training for Athletes, which can be built to develop sport-specific characteristics.