Small Group Practice (SGP) and Training (SGT)

In Small Group Practice (SGP), groups are made according to exercise habits and goals. An exercise package is planned and implemented with these groups, which consists of exercise programs, a weekly guided coaching session (1 time / week) and possible additional exercises. Additional exercises can be, for example, running technique or orienteering, if the small group aims at, for example, Jukolan Viesti or Likkojen Lenkki. Additional exercises are almost successful in any sport. 5-10 people are included in one group. The participation fee is 90 € / month, including coaching (1 time / week), programs and a monthly card for the EdenGym.

Those who train more and purposefully can choose Small Group Training (SGT). In this option, the group trains together three times a week under the guidance of a coach, and in addition, each is given a personal program that is updated as development progresses. Together, training under the eyes of a professional is motivating, goal-oriented and of high quality. Small groups consist of training groups of 4–8 people, pricing is personal (145 € / month), including coaching (3 times / week), personal programs and a monthly card for the EdenGym.

The training is committed to one month at a time, but the goals are set together for an appropriate period of time.

If you have a group of friends who would like to train together purposefully, get in touch and agree on a training package and pricing suitable for your group.

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